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swedish massage

Massage Therapy

  • A deep massage used in sports medicine to promote rapid healing of muscle and fascia tissue.

  • The foundation of western massage!  Five simple techniques that offer amazing results.

  • Combines traditional massage techniques with heat to provide even deeper relief.

Prenatal Massage

Specialty Services

  • A reprieve from the discomfort of pregnancy aimed at relieving the aches in a safe and relaxing way.

  • A massage adapted to the special needs of the patient to ease their discomfort while avoiding sore and afflicted tissue and organs.

  • Blends massage and assisted stretching. Relaxes and improves mobility!

  • Facial massage stimulates the facial muscles. Increase oxygen and blood flow to the skin, thereby stimulating collagen. Curbs sinus congestion, headaches, and prevents wrinkles.

  • Specialized pressure & massage to acupressure points in the feet which correlate with nerves and organs throughout the body.

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